Seattle & King County Public Health (PHSKC) is implementing an in-home vaccination program for the estimated 2,000 to 4,000 individuals in the county who are homebound.

As the program was developed, PHSKC identified five key steps to reach people at home for vaccinations:

  • Define eligibility for in-home vaccination.
  • Work with community partners to generate demand.
  • Identify vaccinators and pilot delivery protocols.
  • Develop capacity to screen clients, schedule appointments, dispatch vaccinators, and report that the vaccination was completed.
  • Ensure ongoing capacity for routine immunization.

PHSKC’s current eligibility criteria for in-home vaccinations includes people aged 16 and above who have not yet been vaccinated and have an injury, developmental disability or medical condition that makes it difficult to leave the home and for whom doing so would require considerable and taxing effort. PHSKC is making every effort to vaccinate caregivers along with homebound individuals.

Read PHSKC’s In-Home Vaccination FAQ