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Server Logs

Server log files are analyzed for purposes of optimizing performance and assessing site usage. Summary site statistics are compiled nightly and the original server logs deleted at that time. These statistics are for internal use only and are not disseminated in any way other than in general terms (i.e., total number of visitors, most used areas of the site) in reports to our funding organizations. Individual IP addresses are not used in any way other than to count a “unique visit” to the site. Navigation paths and individual “user sessions” are not saved or analyzed.

Personal Information and Email Accounts

This site requests e-mail accounts for updates on the activities of Age Friendly Public Health Systems. This list is a voluntary “opt-in” list, and you may remove your account at any time by sending an e-mail to We will use your e-mail account only to send site updates and available action items. We will not share or sell your email account to any group or individual at any time.