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Past Training – AFPHS September 2023 Training – Coordinating Existing Supports & Services

September 21, 2023 @ 3:00 PM ET

Most older adults wish to age-in-place with access to appropriate services and programs to support their needs. However, older adults living in rural settings (about 1 in 5 nationally) have limited access to necessary resources to support aging-in-place. The September AFPHS Training will focus on TFAH’s new brief, Ensuring Age-Friendly Public Health in Rural Communities: Challenges, Opportunities, and Model Programs. The training highlights recommendations in the brief on public health roles in promoting healthy aging and supporting older adults and caregivers in rural settings. Dr. Aaron Guest, primary author of the brief and Assistant Professor of Aging at Arizona State University, provides an overview of the recommendations and highlight opportunities for public health to coordinate with existing services and supports.

The September blog post provides an overview of the recommendations highlighted in the new brief on rural health healthy aging.