As an organization that prioritizes optimal health for all people, Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) is pleased to be recognized as a Healthy People 2030 (HP 2030) Champion by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). TFAH shares the HP 2030 vision of a society in which all people can achieve their full potential for good health and well-being across the lifespan. This commitment is reflected in TFAH’s overall vision and mission and within its Age-Friendly Public Health Systems (AFPHS) initiative.  TFAH prioritizes achieving equity in all our work and promotes optimal well-being for all by focusing on the social determinants of health.

TFAH has worked closely HHS leadership, particularly within the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), which administers HP 2030, to promote stronger collaborations between state departments of health and state aging agencies.

The Age-Friendly Public Health Systems (AFPHS) initiative and Healthy People 2030 are well aligned as they share a focus on optimal health in every community. AFPHS’s 6C’s strategy provides a roadmap for state and local health departments to engage in activities that support healthy aging in their communities including:

  • Connecting and convening multi-sector stakeholders
  • Coordinating existing supports and services
  • Collecting, analyzing, and translating relevant data
  • Communicating important public health information
  • Complementing existing health promoting programs
  • Creating and leading policy, systems, and environmental changes

In addition to the HP 2030/AFPHS alignment, TFAH supports the HP 2030 vision in the following ways:

  • Promoting and increasing access to disease prevention and health promotion activities
    • TFAH’s federal advocacy priorities focus on strengthening the public health system so that every state, tribal, local and territorial health department has the funding and capacity to improve and sustain optimal health for every person and community.
  • Addressing social determinants of health (SDOH), eliminating disparities, achieving health equity, and/or promoting well-being
    • TFAH is leading advocacy efforts to increase public health’s capacity to fully address the social determinants of health, with a focus on equity and eliminating disparities in health across the lifespan.
  • Providing training and other necessary resources to adapt or modify disease prevention and health promotion activities to meet the needs of diverse populations, address SDOH, eliminate disparities, achieve health equity, and/or promote well-being.
    • Many of TFAH’s reports and policy briefs document states where health promotion activities need improvement, as well as feature best practices. In addition, TFAH’s website includes detailed health data on every state and territory including on emergency preparedness, prevalence of chronic diseases and flu vaccination rates.
  • Developing partnerships across a variety of sectors, including public health, healthcare, government, philanthropy, civil rights, academia, education, community, faith-based,  media, business, and technology
    • TFAH routinely hosts convening of representatives across sectors including public health, healthcare, government, philanthropy, academia, community, and education. Such convenings have focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, adolescent health, healthy aging, state policies to promote health and control costs, and many other topics.

TFAH looks forward to continuing our strong partnership with HHS/ODPHP and other HP 2030 Champions to create and sustain opportunities for all Americans to live healthfully and productively throughout their lives.