TFAH collected information about state plans from a variety of sources:

  • Guide to Innovative Practices on vaccinating individuals who are homebound.
  • A summer and fall 2021 online survey of public health departments and aging services providers. The survey was voluntary and sought information as outlined in the introduction to this site. Less than half of states responded to the survey.
  • TFAH staff contacted many state and local health departments by phone and email to obtain information about state and local plans.
  • TFAH staff performed web searches to identify state and local plans.
  • AFPHS follows the current CDC definition of fully vaccinated, i.e. has completed the two-dose series for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or has received a single dose of the J&J vaccine.
  • State level data on the degree to which homebound individuals have been vaccinated for COVID-19 were not available. In some instances, local or county departments were able to provide the number of homebound individuals in their jurisdictions who had been vaccinated. In those instances, the information is included in the “Local Efforts” section of the state landing page.

Data reported via this website is based on information AFPHS collected during the summer and fall of 2021. New information can be sent to