Additional resources and examples are included in the Guidance document. As more Departments of Health participate in this program, additional examples and tips will be provided.

AFPHS Recognition Program Basics

  • All state, territorial, local and tribal health departments are eligible
  • Recognize the work of health departments that prioritize older adult health 
  • Accomplishment of 10 action steps 
  • TFAH provides guidance, tools, training, resources 
  • Easy enrollment and reporting 
  • Many ways to accomplish the steps 
  • Have two years to achieve all 10 steps 

Getting Started

For an overview of the program, please view a recording of our kick-off webinar and our training session about the program.

Benefits of the Program 

  • Feature in the AFPHS newsletter and on the AFPHS website  
  • Access to TFAH materials, trainings, and one-on-one assistance 
  • Certificate of Recognition and approval to use the AFPHS Recognition badge on websites, email and social media 
  • Recognition of having achieved expertise and competency in an emerging public health issue 
  • Advantages to health departments seeking public or private funding for their AFPHS work 
  • Establishes a path for health departments to more fully achieve their mission of serving their population 

Reporting Accomplishments

After you are enrolled in the program, use this form to report your progress.